The Anticlimactic Climax

Those of you who read my last blog, Just Call Me Jessica, may recall that I was dreading this week. My would-be suitor, Will, was due to finish his program at the college where I work on Wednesday. As he seems to be under the (mistaken) impression that once he is no longer a student, we will be free to do it like bunnies, I was concerned that on his last day of class I would be subject to a more intensive attempt at seduction from him than his usual incoherent ramblings and vague innuendos.

Luckily, that didn’t pan out. While he did make a point of telling me that it was his last day, there were always other people around, so he didn’t take it any further than that. He did call me Jessica again, though, which made me crack up laughing. This time he actually heard my, “Who the hell is Jessica?” and had the good grace to be embarrassed…for 9 or 10 seconds, at least.

I hope that by the time he gets around to looking for my business card, he thinks my name is Jessica again…

Happy Friday the 13th!



3 thoughts on “The Anticlimactic Climax”

  1. Hi Jennifer, reading this made me feel bad for you and for Will. some people just can’t take a hint. also found your notes on ebay interesting. i buy and sell there too and have been tempted to do the $10 back thing but wondered if i would have to spend at least $20 worth of my time trying to get things straightened back out. now i won’t have to wonder about that anymore.

    i actually came here via (i winked a couple weeks ago) i also ditched my acct a while back for similar reasons. now my profile there only exists to offer tips on “finding a good man” (and of course, for my own comic relief) my user name there is “symplexity”

    hope all is well with you and look forward to your response


  2. Hey Cliff –
    Don’t feel too bad for Will. Since posting that story, I learned that a coworker of mine had a very similar experience with him a few months before I did. I think maybe he just enjoys casting out the net and seeing what it catches him. Or something.

    As for the ebay thing, I wouldn’t let my experience swear you off of the idea completely. Aside from the ridiculous email auto-responses, once I got an actual human being on the phone, the problem was fixed without too much fuss…I just couldn’t write it that way, because that would’ve made for a very short, and very boring story (instead of the very long and boring story that you got instead). I think the moral is that if there’s a phone number option, use it.

    I had to laugh when I read your profile, because it’s very similar (in theme) to one that I’ve thought about posting…though I think mine would come off as much more of a rant than yours does. Hmmm…I smell another blog coming on…


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