Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…

I dropped Megan off at school around 5pm last evening because her choir was having an adjudication. They were performing around 7pm, and the event was supposed to be over around 9 or 9:30. At 8:45 I made my way over to the school, and was sitting in my car in the parking lot waiting for her when my phone rang at around 9:05pm. It was the choir instructor, telling me that Megan had just had a seizure as she walked through the hallway of the school on her way out to the car. It’s been 32 days since the last one, and her third since Christmas Day.

Of course, I hung up the phone and rushed into the school to find her sitting in the middle of the hallway surrounded by people. Luckily, another student had been walking near her, had seen her face start to twitch, and caught her as she started to fall backward…so at least she didn’t hit the floor hard. I think the thought of her falling and hurting herself when it happens scares me more than the actual seizure does – what if she’s walking up or down the stairs??? They said it was over quickly, maybe 3 minutes from start to finish, and by the time I got there she was a little groggy, but knew exactly who and where she was.

Someone had called 911, so we sat and waited for them to come and check her out, but I knew that unless they saw something really wrong with her vital signs that we most likely would not be going to the hospital. The EMTs agreed with me that she seemed to be ok, and that the hospital most likely wouldn’t do anything that hadn’t already been done, so we came home. On the ride home, she started cussing about something, so I knew she must be feeling better!

Because the first two seizures happened early in the morning while she was in bed, I had hoped that she wouldn’t have them during “waking hours”…but I guess that hope is out the window now. I have been letting her continue to walk to the bus stop by herself in the mornings, but I don’t see how I can let that go on anymore. Ugh. That bus comes *reallllly* early.

So that’s our latest drama…

On a happier note, this next week should be a pretty exciting one. Since I’m home today listening to Megan play her Wii, I’m taking cookie requests…Oh, and Dave asked me to make crab dip for Tuesday…but no one really wants *that*…do they? lol….

9 thoughts on “Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…”

  1. Do they know the cause yet? I know how scared I got with Amber so I can understand your fear. Poor Megan and you too because you have to worry so much. I hope they can figure it out and give her something to keep her from having them…thank goodness someone caught her!!

    Um…crab dip? You better not even show up without it missy! LOL

    Nick will be home again so I am certain he will be in attendance …maybe chocolate chip for him and the other chip…lol

  2. No, they don't know what's causing it yet. The MRI was clear, so at least we know its not a brain tumor.

    I was wondering what the “other chip” was myself…lol…potato? Computer? Cow? Nick's always mean to me…why am I making him cookies??? lol

    I left a message for the neurologist, but haven't heard back from him yet. I doubt we'll get in to see him today – but she's got an appointment scheduled with him in about a week, anyway.

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