9 thoughts on “No more blonde moments?”

  1. It wasn't me, Harley did it while trying to get to my knitting. I found yarn strewn from one end of the room to the other, and my blonde sign broken. 🙁

    I was going to try and put it back together with peanut butter…but maybe duct tape would be better!!!

    Jen – the install went fine. There was a brief “AHH” moment when the installer thought I might not be able to get a signal from my balcony, but it all worked out in the end. Not only did he NOT pressure me to get a land line, he actually said that it was better financially not to if I don't need one for any other reason – it will only cost me an extra $5 on my satellite bill per month without it as opposed to the $30 or whatever I would spend if I got one…

  2. So far, so good, and I am LOOOOOVIN' the DVR. lol….We now have 200+ channels (probably 195 of which we don't need and won't watch), a bunch of Sirius radio channels, local channels (bleh, Baltimore…I wanted the DC channels), 2 tvs with DVR and the 3rd tv with a regular receiver, and because I don't have a land line to plug into, it's probably going to run me around $60 a month plus tax. (There's a $5/month charge for not having a land line.) Free installation, and I think I get a $50 credit on the first bill.

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