Motivational Posters Part Deux

Ok, here are the rest of them. And yes, Mom, even I have some standards. I left two of them out because they were just TOO mean. 🙂

WTF: Seriously, WTF is that???

Unexplainable: This picture can not be explained.
Trailer Court: There has to be one around here someplace.
Stereotypes: They’re based on reality.

Nemesis: I don’t think he’s going to make it.
(And can you blame them???)

Oh, this next one is slightly disgusting. Scroll at your own risk!

MySpace: Next time you try to look hot, flush the toilet.
Lazy: Just ’cause you have to, doesn’t mean you need to.
(Sorry, I just couldn’t leave the typo in there!)
Japan: Producing 78% of the world’s weird shit. Since 1952.
Gothopotamus: Be lucky its on a leash.
Epic Failure: And that shit is permanent.

Epic Fail: Seriously how the f*** did you manage that?
(I think I would have called this one Success: If you’re going to screw something up, screw it up better than anyone has ever done before.)

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