I have a dream! Oh wait…I *had* a dream…

We are expecting snow and ice (mostly ice) this morning and afternoon, and as usual when the weather is expected to be nasty, I woke up super early hoping that the college where I work would be closed. Like 4am early. Too early for the announcement to have actually been made yet. I made myself lay down and go back to sleep, and that’s when I had a dream.

I don’t usually remember my dreams, or if I do, its just bits and pieces that don’t make much sense. This one I remember for the most part. First, I was driving, and my brother was in the car with me. It was sunny and warm, about 60 degrees or so, but I knew in that weird dreamy way that there had been talk of bad weather and possible school closings. We drove by my daughter’s school – which looked nothing like her actual school – and as we drove out the front gate, we passed by numerous teachers and kids standing by the road and holding up signs that said “Closed.” Needless to say, they all looked pretty happy about it!

Then, I was at work, which again, looked nothing at all like the place where I actually work. I was standing in my office with two other people, one on either side of me. I don’t remember who they were, but I don’t think they really work there. The phone beeped, and we heard the Campus President’s voice come over the speaker phone. She said, “You know we’re working today, right?” I said something like, “At the regular time?” She just laughed in response. Then she said, “I can’t believe you guys hadn’t heard about it already.” I said, “Well, we’re on the other side of the building…I guess it takes awhile to trickle down.” That was the end of the dream (or at least all I remember of it).

When I woke up again at 5:30, Howard County schools were closed – so Megan has off. There was *nothing* posted about my school. I got a text message from my boss around 6:10 saying, “We are working. Please drive carefully.”

Sometimes I hate being right!

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