Cats and scales and desks…..OH MY!

Ok, here is my first Multiply blog entry. I don’t even know if I’ll bother posting it on 360, because…well, its just too much effort. lol…

I have been scouring the earth for a white desk for nearly a year now, hoping to match the white bedroom furniture that I bought for my room, and I have *finally* done it. Oddly enough, I found the desk at Ikea – the same damned store where I bought the bedroom furniture in the first place. I don’t know why they were withholding the desk from me when I first wanted it, but recently I went in to the store to wander around after work one evening, and there it was.

Putting together furniture from Ikea is always….an interesting experience to say the least. The desk is secretary style, with an add-on cabinet-top that makes it able to accommodate a computer. My sister and I built the bottom portion of the desk the Sunday before last, but because we couldn’t stop playing with the baby long enough, it got to be too late to finish the job. I spent last Sunday finishing the desk and then rearranging my room to fit it in. I wound up moving most of my furniture to different locations, which necessitated a trip to Lowe’s when the coaxial cable to my television would no longer reach.

Once my bedroom was all squared away, I was left with my old desk sitting in the middle of the living room. As that desk has definitely seen better days – it has a huge crack that extends 1/4 of the way across the desktop – I decided that I would put it on the ‘freebie’ section of craigslist and see if anyone would come and take it off my hands. The kittens thought I needed some help unloading the desk, so they decided to help demonstrate how the desk has several cubby holes that can be used for storage.

Their marketing scheme paid off, and soon I had two interested parties. The first of the two came and picked the desk up this evening. It was way too easy – I probably should have asked for cash!!!

On another – and much more depressing – note entirely, I got on the scale last night for the first time in a couple of months…and I now know what a stroke feels like. I knew that it would be bad, but I was shocked by just how bad it was. Needless to say, I will not be visiting Coldstone Creamery any time in the near future. I’ve gone back to my low carb diet, and to make sure that I don’t forget how it felt to see that particular number on the scale, I took a picture that is now my new desktop wallpaper. I’ll keep you posted on my progress, if you’re interested.

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