Saturday’s polar opposite

While yesterday was busy, busy, busy, and I got lots of things accomplished without even really meaning to, today was the complete opposite. I had lots of good intentions, but somehow managed not to get a whole lot done.

I didn’t know what time to expect my furniture delivery today, so I figured I had better be ready by 8:00 am, their first delivery time of the day, just in case. I set my alarm for 7:45 so that I would be semi-conscious by 8, but when the alarm went off, it took me a minute or two to figure out what the noise was, and why it was disturbing me. I hit the snooze and curled back up, not really thinking that I needed to get up. 9 minutes later, I hit the snooze again…but then a minute or two after that, I heard what sounded like a pretty big truck pull up in front of the building. I jumped out of bed, confirmed that there was indeed a large delivery truck outside, and hurriedly started throwing on clothes. I was just pulling on my shirt when the delivery men knocked on the front door at 7:56 am.

After my new desk and loveseats had arrived, I ate a bagel, but then started to feel the beginnings of a headache. Since it was still fairly early, I decided to lay down for a little while. Unfortunately, what started as a little headache soon migrated down into one of those ice-pick-in-the-corner-of-my-eye headaches, and I ended up laying in bed and dozing with the tv on until almost 2:00pm.

The headache was mostly gone at that point, so I finally got up. My sister was on her way over to help me put my new desk together, so I figured the least I could do was be awake for her visit. I made sure that the guest bathroom was presentable, and called my sister to see how far away she was. Sleeping half the day had thrown off my schedule, and I had not yet gone to the grocery store, so I didn’t even have anything to offer her to drink, other than water. She was nearly here at that point, so we decided to run to the grocery store together before starting on the desk.

After the store, we decided to eat a late lunch, and then of course my 2-month-old niece wanted *her* lunch, so the desk had to wait just a little longer. We did finally get it started, but Ikea directions being what they usually are, it took us a few hours to get the bottom portion of the desk assembled. We stopped periodically for snacks (for us) and formula (for Bree). We then decided that the top add-on portion of the desk would have to wait for another day.

While the day wasn’t a *total* waste – I did get part of the desk assembled, and did get to the grocery store – I still didn’t get everything done that I wanted to. I usually cook for the week on Sundays….but not today! Nor did I do any laundry. Or cleaning. Luckily, I am working a half-day on Tuesday, so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on a few things then.

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