Coming into the home stretch…

Saturday, April 7th was Day 5 of our trip. After our busy day on Friday, we pretty much took it easy. Once breakfast was out of the way, we went to play a game of miniature golf. The weather was only in the high 60’s/low 70’s, but with the sun out and not a cloud in the sky, it felt great! Try as we might, neither of us managed to get any holes in one, though.

I snapped a couple of pictures in between holes, until Megan yelled at me to stop taking her picture. Well, who else am I supposed to be taking pictures of????

When Megan was younger and we would play, she would always be so pleased when we’d add up our scores at the end and hers would be higher than mine. Unfortunately, she’s now figured out that this means she lost the game, so it just ticks her off.

After our game, we walked around Historic Cocoa Village on the Indian River. It’s a cute little village (on the Indian River, oddly enough), with lots of shops and restaurants to explore. As we walked by the Porcher House, they were setting up chairs out front for a wedding.

It reminded me that my sister’s wedding was coming up fast on April 21st and I hadn’t yet begun to write my Maid-of-Honor’s-Speech for the reception! Oh no!!

Megan’s not too big on shopping in stores that don’t sell black clothing and chains, so I didn’t get the opportunity to walk around quite as long as I’d like. After lunch and an hour or so of browsing, we returned to the condo to relax for the afternoon.

After dinner we went to the one place that you absolutely *have* to visit when you’re in the Cape Canaveral/Cocoa Beach area: Ron Jon Surf Shop. This famous landmark claims “one of a kind” status, which Megan and I found to be pretty funny, considering there is now another surf shop that looks very much like Ron Jon, right across the street. Ah well…

Cheer up folks, there’s really only one day left!!!

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