I’m going to let my parenting license lapse…

How many times do you have to yell at your child about the same exact thing before she listens?? We just spent half of our day off yesterday working on a project that she ignored until the last minute, and then today she comes home telling me that she has another one due Friday. When she showed me the handout with the instructions on it, she had written the date it was assigned across the top – December 18, 2006. FIFTEEN DAYS AGO!

I can think of at least 38 other occasions – just off the top of my head – in which she has waited until the last minute to work on something, and each time, I have yelled at her to never, ever do that to me again. (Because of course, each time, I have to help her with whatever the project happens to be)

So here we are once again. Between now and Thursday evening, she has to create a poetry book. This book must contain a title page, an “about the author” page, FIVE ORIGINAL POEMS, and a half-page description of each poem detailing what she was writing about and why, what poetry devices she used in each, etc.

I sure hope she’s feeling inspired. She’s got a lot of writing to do.

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