Dream a little dream…or two…

The dream started as most of my dreams go – random images and impressions that don’t really make much sense and I don’t usually remember much of upon waking. It was daylight, maybe late afternoon from the angle of the sun as it played across the houses. I was moving through some small town residential neighborhood. It reminded me of a place in Wytheville, Virginia. I didn’t feel like that’s where I was, it was just that type of town with its green lawns and old-fashioned houses painted white with green shutters…I don’t know why I was there and it wasn’t long before the dream morphed into Scene 2…

It was now completely dark, very late at night, and I was inside a house in a completely different neighborhood. I “knew,” in the way that you seem to just know things in dreams, that I was in my grandparent’s old house in Olney, but the size and color of the bedroom I was in, as well as the street outside the window actually looked more like my old bedroom in the house my father lives in now. The bed was bigger than the twin I used to have, and there was a tv in the corner that wasn’t there before, but the lavendar walls that I painted myself were still the same.

Aside from the single dim lamp that glowed in the bedroom, the rest of the house was dark, and I was alone. I was completely freaked out to be there, and I’m not sure why it never occurred to me to turn on more lights – I guess I’m just not very smart in my dreams. I don’t remember much about what I was thinking at the time, other than I had the impression that something weird or paranormal was supposed to happen there and I really didn’t want to be there.

I sat on the bed and called an old friend named Heather on my cell phone (again weird since we haven’t spoken in over a year, and I don’t remember dialing… I pretty much just picked up the phone and her voice was there), and when she answered I sat there for a few minutes and didn’t say anything. For some reason despite the fact that she was talking to me, I thought the phone had gone to voicemail, and I was waiting to leave a message. I finally realized she was talking to me, and started talking back. After a minute I told her to hold on, and got up and closed the bedroom door…like that was going to keep anyone out!

When I got back into bed, I remember thinking that I needed to call my mother to come over, because I wasn’t staying in that house alone. I picked the phone back up (after sitting on it first) and could hear Heather and her father conversing in the background, and then they were both talking to me. I can’t remember exactly what he said, but it was something like Heather’s name was every name in the world now, and I joked that in that case, any card she got at Christmas time would be the right one. (Yeah, I’m not very funny in my dreams, apparently.)

In the middle of that conversation, I hear movement in the hallway outside the bedroom. I’m completely freaked out, when in walks my mother. She was wearing her navy blue and white bathrobe. Her hair was still short, but longer than she’s worn it in recent years, and it looked like she had bed head. She walked around the bed and sat down on the other side of it with her back to me (which is how I noticed the messy hair! lol). I was surprised to see her there since I hadn’t had a chance to call her yet. I asked what she was doing there, and she said, “I had a feeling something was going to happen tonight and I didn’t want to miss it.” I then told her that if she had left me there by myself, I would have killed her.

My phone call with Heather was completely forgotten at this point. Around the same time I notice that the left arm of my glasses had just broken in my hand (I could see clearly without them, so I don’t know why I had them in my hand in the first place), we hear heavy, booted footsteps walking down the hall outside the bedroom. (I’m now about to have a stroke…lol) This is also weird because no matter which house I am actually in – my grandparent’s or my dad’s – they both had carpet in the hallway. This sounded like someone walking on a solid surface like wood floors…

My mother stands up and goes to the foot of the bed as my grandfather (her father) walks in, looking pretty darned solid except for maybe a little glow around him – which is good, considering he passed away several years ago. He’s wearing an olive green army uniform. I say something like, “Oh my god…Bum!” (Yes, I called him Bum, for real. That’s not just some weird dream thing. Don’t ask!) He turns to me and we exchange a few words, but I don’t remember actually hearing him say anything, not in the same way I remember saying “Oh my god” out loud. At one point I reached out and touched his face…I don’t remember feeling anything, but my hand glowed where it would have come in contact with him.

He then turns to my mother and they stand at the foot of the bed. She’s not really saying anything to him out loud either, and at one point he leans toward her like he’s going to kiss her cheek, and she kind of pulls back and then he pulls back as well.

After he had exchanges with us both, he turned and slowly walked back out of the room. I wanted to call after him, but didn’t. Next I heard other noises in the hallway outside, and am suddenly completely freaked out about who or what’s going to walk in next.

I woke up suddenly with my heart pounding in my chest. It was 4:15 this morning. (4:17 by the time I was cognizant enough to realize that I was awake and what was going on). I then had to get up and check the whole condo before coming to write this down. I wasn’t really looking forward to going back to sleep.

I finally went back to bed around 5:00am. I then proceeded to have another dream…This time I *knew* I was at my dad’s house, but it wasn’t the house that I know. There were a lot of people there for some kind of party. I didn’t recognize many of them, but somehow I knew the party was for my mother.

It was warm and sunny, and everyone was outside on the carport or in the yard. There was a cake there that for some reason I want to call a “diva cake” (see my crude rendition of it above!). It was frosted yellow, with some black highlighting I think, and was basically triangular in shape in that it was very narrow at one end and wide at the other. It seemed to me to be a caricature of a woman with a large backside in a yellow and black dress. Stuck into the narrow end was a plastic black thing that looked like the back of a woman’s head with her hair all sticking up in some kind of wild, gelled-up hairdo, and in the wide end, two black plastic pieces that looked like shoes.

At one point I approached my stepmother (not wondering at that time why she’d be at a party for my mother) and we had a conversation about the large stadium that was across the street from the house. From where we stood there was a dirt path that led to the right down a large, rocky hill that was dotted in overgrown weeds and dry-looking scrub bush. The path disappeared down into a large gorge and eventually came back up the other side and led to the stadium. The entrance to the stadium, however, could be easily reached from where we were just by crossing the street, maybe 100 yards away. I asked my stepmother if the entrance was right there, why on earth did we take *that* path to get there last time? Her answer was, “Because we’re Ericksons,” or something to that effect.

The last thing I remember before the alarm went off and woke me up was telling someone at the party (don’t know who) about the freaky dream that had woken me up earlier and that I hadn’t wanted to go back to sleep.

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