I can’t win!

I think there is a secret teenager language that I simply have not learned. I seem to get myself into trouble by saying that most innocuous (to me, anyway) things! Here is a conversation I had with my daughter about 20 minutes ago:

Megan: Is that a cheese and salami sandwich you’re eating?

Me: No, it’s chicken.

Megan: With cheese, too.

Me: Yes, there is cheese on it.

Megan: I was just thinking that I could finish it for you if you don’t want any more.

Me: Well, I appreciate the offer, but considering it’s almost 11pm and this is my dinner, I’m pretty sure I want it.

Megan: Ok

Me: I didn’t think you liked chicken sandwiches anyway.

Megan: Of course I like them! (As she’s walking away…) Now you’ve made my feelings hurt.

Me: What? Because I said I didn’t think you liked chicken sandwiches? That hurt your feelings?

Megan: Yes! (In a tone that implied that I wasn’t very smart for asking the question!)

Is it me???

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