What exactly is the craigslist etiquette??

Here is my question. Say you post an item for sale on a freebie classified site like craigslist, and three people respond right away. You email the first person, answer any questions they have about the item, and they tell you they’re ‘interested’. They ask where you are located. You email back and let them know where you live and the best times to come and view the item. All of these emails take place in the span of maybe an hour and a half. After the email telling the person what city you live in, you get no reply for over 24 hours. Meanwhile, you have gotten an email from someone else who is offering to pay $20 more than you were asking. At what point is it ok to decide that the first person is taking too long to respond and offer the item to the person who is willing to pay more for it? What is the Craigiquette?

Is there a list of rules somewhere? At what point in the process is it still acceptable to offer an item for sale and when must you consider it ‘sold’? Is it once you have told that one person that the item is still available? Once they’ve said the words ‘I would like to buy it’?  Or is it fair game until someone shows up at your front door with a pickup truck and a fist full of cash? Does just being ‘interested’ give someone the right to be angry if you sell to someone else first? I just don’t know…

All I know is that I need to get all of this furniture out of my dining room…anybody interested in some dressers?? 😀

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