The Unfortunate Ikea Incident

I have now officially done it all. I have broken a toe making chocolate chip cookies, dislocated my shoulder taking the cat to the vet, AND given myself a fat lip putting together my new bedroom furniture from Ikea.

Here’s a little advice to any of you who may be assembling an Ikea dresser in the future. Yes, it’s all well and good to put a sheet down over your work space, especially if you have wood or laminate floors. You would not want to damage them. It’s also a great idea to move the boxes that are not a part of the dresser that you are currently working on out of the way. They are large, flat, and extremely heavy. What is not such a good idea, in retrospect, is to spread the sheet over your wood floors, kneel down on the sheet (still on top of the *slippery* wood floors), and then try to push two very large, extremely heavy boxes. What actually happens is that instead of moving the boxes forward, your body moves backwards (damned sheet!!!) and before you can stop yourself, you slam face first into the edge of the very box you were trying to move, smashing your two front teeth into the inside of your bottom lip.

If you insist on ignoring my advice and trying this at home, make sure you have some ice on hand to help with the swelling…

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