It’s 3AM, I must be lonely…

No Mom, don’t call a shrink, those are song lyrics. I thought they fit the situation, considering it *is* 3AM…although a more accurate ending to the phrase might be “I must be on Robitussin.” While it’s doing a marvelous job of keeping me from coughing, they forgot to mention on the bottle that it would also KEEP ME FROM SLEEPING!!!! The coughing was having the same effect, though, so I suppose at least this way it’s quieter.

What on earth are you supposed to do at 3 in the morning? I’ve already played 3 games of Sudoku, drank half a bottle of diet sunkist (it’s caffeine free, of course!), pondered the furniture configuration in my living room, and considered (for half a second) priming the other 3 walls in my bedroom. I decided that painting could loosely be defined as ‘housework’, however, and according to my friend Sharon, there are very specific rules as to what hours of the day it is appropriate to do housework. 3 o’clock in the morning, I’m guessing, isn’t one of them.  Plus, I’m fairly sure if I were to start moving furniture around in my bedroom at this time of night, my downstairs neighbors wouldn’t be very happy with me.

I guess I could always do a diet update, though there isn’t much new to report. I’m still sticking to it, and I’m still at 194.5. I’ve only been on it a week now, so a 5 pound loss isn’t bad at all.  The ‘enablers’ that I work with finally seem to be getting it through their heads that I’m serious and haven’t been pushing the bad stuff nearly as much.  How ironic is it that as soon as I get them to back off, the kids in the summer camp start a two week session of “Cooking Around the World”, so the building constantly reeks of baking…Lord help me, tomorrow they’re making funnel cake.

Oh, and one more note about the diet – well, indirectly anyway. Remember how I joked in my first diet post that putting up that incredibly attractive picture of myself in a bikini was probably going to kill my dating life for awhile? Well…I had been chatting with a certain person for a few days before making that post. Since the picture went up…haven’t heard a word from him. Not even so much as a “Good luck with the diet, fattie”.  That’s ok, though…won’t he be sorry when I get back to this:

Ok, ok, let’s be realistic. When that picture was taken, I was 17 and weighed all of 112 pounds. I’m fairly sure there’s no going back there…but it’s nice to dream. Oh, and if I wasn’t drunk when that photo was snapped, I was no more than an hour away from being so. Oops, wonder if I ever told Mom about the Booze Cruise…hee hee, guess I just did. I’m too old to ground now, right? That was during my senior year of high school when our Orchestra (yes, I was in the band, but I never went to band camp) went to Nassau to participate in the International Music Festival. I’m not quite sure what made it ‘international’, when every group in the competition was from the United States, but it just sounds better than “The American Musical Groups Who Wanted an Excuse to Travel to the Bahamas” Festival.

It’s almost 4am now, so I had better post this before I am forced to change the title. I hope everyone else is getting a restful nights’ sleep. Don’t be too hard on me tomorrow afternoon when I can’t keep my eyes open!!

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