Lions and tigers and…..Whoopie Goldberg? Oh my!

Tonight, the beach saga continues.  On Sunday we were supposed to go on a nature cruise around Asateague island. We got ourselves ready, hopped on the ‘drunk bus’ (I’ll get into why they call it *that* later), and began the arduous treck 130+ blocks down Coastal Highway to the dock. The bus ride seemed like any other, until *she* got on.  Yes, boys and girls, I shared a ride on the drunk bus with none other than Whoopie Goldberg. Look closely, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s her. Riding the bus with such comedic greatness made the rest of the trip downtown seem to fly…

Unfortunately for us, time really *was* flying, and Sharon and I missed the boat. Not to be discouraged, however, we decided that it would be just as educational to study the wildlife at the dockside bar at  M.R. Ducks.  On the short walk to the bar, we passed an intriguing little nightclub. I’d like to check it out sometime, but I’m already enough of a clutz.

Unable to find a table, we sat down at the bar and ordered a couple of drinks. As we enjoyed our beverages to the soothing sounds of the trio of blenders lined up directly in front of us on the bar (I guess we know now why those bar stools were available), we had our second celebrity sighting of the day! This time it was none other than Hulk Hogan. Who knew Ocean City was host to so many of the Rich and Famous?

We finished our first drinks and had to wait for the bartender to notice. This made Sharon very sad.

But when the old couple whose table we were stalking *finally* finished their 7th or 8th beers and left, we were very happy. Now we had a table with a view.

As we sat at our bayside table enjoying some liquid refreshment, a boat …pulled up? …to the dock and several men got out and made their way to the bar. Apparently the beer they’d consumed on the boat wasn’t enough for them.  A little while later, one of the men got back in the boat and drove/sailed/flew away.  Where, oh where was the cop who pulled me over in Cambridge now???

That’s all I have for now. I know the story itself wasn’t all that – I just wanted an excuse to share the pictures. 🙂

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