Don’t forget about me!!!

I have been without an internet connection at home for 11 days now, and I’m fast learning that being without the internet is a lot like when your car is in the shop. You never really want or need to go anywhere in particular until you can’t! I can still remember a time when the internet didn’t exist, or if it did, it was only for the geekiest of the geeks with their old Commodore 64’s…

Anyway…I have started to make a list of all of the things I have wanted to do this week that require the internet…

  1.  Check my email (of course)
  2. Play Sudoku. (I solved this problem on Day 4 or 5 without internet. I downloaded it while I was at work – after 5pm, of course! – and burned it onto a CD so that I could install it on my home computer.)
  3. Email my brother to ask him why my internet might not be working.
  4. Look up instructions on how to install the new kitchen light that I bought last weekend. (a.k.a. “How to electrocute myself in just 10 easy steps.”)
  5. Find out what time the tanning salon closes on Sunday (Yes, I know, you’re thinking I could just use the telephone. But how do you find their phone number without the internet?)
  6. Check the weather (I heard thunder. There could be a hurricane coming, and I’d never know it!)
  7. Research trips to Italy that I can’t afford. (Yes, I’m still thinking about “Under the Tuscan Sun”.)
  8. Blog!
  9. Download porn (oh wait, that’s Dave’s list. Sorry!)
  10. Visit to sign up for internet service
  11. Visit to sign up for internet service
  12. Visit to sign up for…oh who am I kidding? I’d rather die than do dial-up!
  13. Google “stolen wireless networking” to see if there is any way to restore my service
  14. Pay bills (I haven’t really fretted too much over that one)
  15. Reconcile my bank accounts (Did people really used to use paper check registers and wait until they got their monthly statement?)
  16. Look up whether my left palm itching meant I would be getting money or spending money.
  17. Add “Hoodwinked” to my Blockbuster Online list
  18. Read everyone else’s blogs. I have an excuse for not posting lately, but I expect everyone else to keep theirs up!
  19. Illegally download music. 
  20. Check my horoscope to see if I will ever get my internet back! 

I did finally cave and sign up for Verizon DSL…so hopefully it’ll be up and running by May 9th. Here’s the part I don’t get, though – Verizon says they will email me when the line is active and I can hook up my self-install kit. Now, if I am just signing up for service, how am I supposed to check my email???

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