Can someone please tell me why….

…when it’s absolutely imperative that you get someplace right away, every single traffic light between you and your destination turns red simultaneously, but the minute you want to be stopped by a red light so that you can pull the pickles off of your hamburger and take just one bite…well then it’s green green green as far as the eyes can see!

…a cat will sit outside a closed door and meow as if the world is coming to an end for hours at a time, but as soon as you open the door, she’ll come in, walk around the room once, then leave without a backward glance! (But please, don’t close the door behind her, or you’ll start the whole cycle all over again!)

…they have drive-thru liquor stores if drunk driving is supposed to be illegal!

Ok, look, let’s just face it, I have Blogger’s Block! I would apologize to my fans if I actually had any…I’m going to go to sleep now. Maybe I’ll be witty tomorrow. Goodnight all…

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