Someone is trying to tell me something…

About a month ago, I needed to convert an advertisement we’d created at work to a .pdf file. Not a difficult thing to do, you say, however, when you don’t have Adobe Acrobat, it’s that much harder. I emailed my brother to see if he could convert the file for me. His reply – he didn’t have Acrobat at work either, but he had it at home. It was on his server, available over the internet. He sent me the link so that I could download it, install it to my work computer, and convert the file myself. What a lifesaver!

The file took forever to download – about half an hour later, it was at 97%. And that’s as far as it got before the power went out – and stayed out, for the next 2 1/2 hours. By the time it came back on, it was almost 2pm, and we’d missed the noon deadline for the ad.

About a week ago, I realized that I never finished downloading and installing Acrobat, and decided to get that done before I needed to use it again. Problem was, the link had been sent to me via AOL Instant Messenger, and I’d lost it when we’d lost power. I emailed my brother and asked for the link again.

Fast forward to today. My brother *finally* remembered to email me the link so that I could finish downloading Acrobat.  Once again, it took about half an hour to download. Finally it was finished and ready to install, and what happened? The power went out. Again. For the first time in, oh, about a month…

I’m afraid to see what will happen if and when I ever get this program installed. The core of the earth may very well crack in half.

On a side note, I am currently in my bedroom hiding from the shape-shifting pod-person that has taken over my 13-year-old daughter’s body. For dinner this evening, this imposter of a teenager ate – are you ready for this? – a steak and caesar salad. Without complaining, without being held at gunpoint, in fact, without so much as a grimace of distaste. And she *cleaned the plate*. While this may not seem like such an amazing feat to most, any of you that know my daughter will realize how truly frightened I am right now. I’ll be sleeping with my baseball bat tonight…If I’m not back tomorrow, you know why.

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