First blog entries should have a much more exciting title than this…

…but unfortunately for whomever might stumble across this – this one doesn’t.

Yes, this is my first entry on my first blog. As I try and come up with something interesting to say, I find myself wondering when exactly we went from freaking out if our 10 year old brother sneaked a glimpse of our teenage-angst-ridden diaries to posting them on the internet for the entire world to not only see, but make comments on as well.

As my first entry, I suppose I should let you know what to expect (or not) from my blog.

What you will not see:

  • Internet shorthand. Other than the occasional “lol” or “brb”, I hate that crap. It just seems so…lazy. I type out entire words, use punctuation and capitalization properly, and do my level best to spell words correctly. If that makes me a spelling and grammar nazi, so be it!
  • My deepest, darkest thoughts. If I ever get it into my head to kill anyone off, you won’t be reading about it here. Duh. You think I want to go to jail?
  • Naked pictures. Well, none of me, anyway. Everyone else is fair game.

What you will see:

  • Examples of Murphy’s Law at work.
  • Any random acts of stupidity (or any other interesting thing) that I may witness throughout the course of my day.
  • My pitiful attempts to portray these things in a humorous way for your reading pleasure.

Well, that’s it for my first entry. I’ll try to be more interesting next time!

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